Reach Your True Fans with Messenger Marketing

Reach Your True Fans with Messenger Marketing
By Leyl Black

It happens all the time. You find out your favorite band was just in town and you missed their show… or you hear about a sale at your favorite store a week after it’s over. You follow these brands on Facebook and signed up for their emails… why didn’t they tell you about it?

If you’re a marketer, it can be pretty frustrating to hear this kind of story. Because you probably did try to tell people about your upcoming sale, or your new product, or your gig. But the tools at your disposal — primarily Facebook and email – just didn’t cut it.


First of all, it’s become very challenging for brands to actually connect with fans on Facebook. While many of us eagerly signed up to receive messages from the brands and artists we love early on, Facebook rarely serves us posts from these businesses anymore without a promotional payment. In fact, organic reach for business posts is as low as 11%.

Email marketing also doesn’t fare much better, with open rates below 20%. We’re all overloaded with email, and we’re now simply tuning these brand messages out.

This means the vast majority of a brand’s customers and fans – up to 80% of them – will miss out on things they’d actually take action on… if only they knew about it.

Part of the challenge here is that our communications methods have changed. People are spending more time on their phones, and in particular, they’re using messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for much of their personal communications. Until now, there hasn’t been a good way for brands to broadcast messages via these apps.

Introducing Messenger Marketing: The Modern Way to Communicate

Messenger Marketing is a new communications approach that enables brands to use messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, SMS and others to reach their fans.

Similar to email marketing platforms, Messenger Marketing tools allow you to build opt-in subscriber lists, create short chat messages, target who receives them, and schedule these messages for delivery. You can also measure and analyze message performance, with familiar metrics such as delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate.

Chat messagescan be substantially more impactful than email or Facebook posts. In addition to offering nearly 100% delivery and open rates, chat messages get impressive click-through rates… and, because of the instantaneous nature of the channel, chat messages actually inspire immediate action.

Anyone with a fan base and news to share can use Messenger Marketing to reach fans and customers, including:

  • Retailers and E-Commerce Companies: Ensures their new items get viewed and customers never miss a sale.
  • Musicians and Artists: Helps them sell tickets to events, boosts music and merchandise sales, and increases listens and downloads.
  • Sports Teams: Allows them to engage with fans in real-time with score alerts, team events, injury reports, and special VIP offers.
  • Political Candidates and Causes: Helps them to quickly rally constituents, let voters know about important breaking news, and raise money by engaging their most passionate supporters.
  • News Organizations and Bloggers: Allows them to broadcast real-time news as it happens, deliver new blog posts and content to avid readers, and drive clicks back their website.
  • Businesses and Startups: Lets them cut through the noise by broadcasting important announcements – such as press releases, new features, or upcoming conferences – via a channel that gets real engagement.
  • Agencies: Chatcast is a natural fit as part of the service offerings of Marketing and Social Media agencies.

Want Messenger Marketing? Get Chatcast:

Chatcast is the leading provider of messenger marketing. We facilitate modern communication by allowing brands to broadcast news, offers, and media content to targeted audiences via popular messaging apps. Our SaaS-based solution lets brands create, target, and schedule messages, build a subscriber base out of the billions of monthly active users on messenger apps, integrate those subscribers with their CRM databases, and track results in minutes.

Try out Chatcast for free today and see how easy it is to rally, engage, and mobilize your fans.


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