Chatcast’s SaaS-based platform enables you to broadcast news, offers, and media content directly to your fans via messaging apps. Build a subscriber list with our suite of powerful growth tools, then easily  compose, schedule, and send messages to the list.

Instantly see who is opening and clicking on the messages, and refine your message targets using Chatcast’s tagging, progressive profiling, and CRM sync functionality. Chatcast messages see 90%+ open rates and 30%+ click-through rates.

Build and Grow Your Opt-In List

Chatcast makes it easy to build your messenger marketing list with a variety of growth tools that opt in your fans as they engage with your page.

Compose, schedule, and send messages

Chatcast “Message Composer” enables you to create, preview, schedule, and send messages in seconds. Add links, photos, videos, and audio streams to your messages.

Target messages to different audience segments

Create custom tags, then use those tags to send the right message to the right group every time.

Survey subscribers to build out their profile

Chatcast’s “progressive profiling” capabilities allow you to survey subscribers to get more info about their demographics, location, and preferences.

Sync Chatcast with your CRM systems

Chatcast hooks into popular applications such as Salesforce and SendGrid so you can build integrated, multi-channel campaigns, add instant messages to your marketing automation flows, and enrich your master customer records.

Analyze and optimize campaigns

Chatcast Analytics gives rich insights into an individual’s likes, preferences, and past interactions with messages over time. 

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