Modernize Your Marketing Stack

Marketers need more than email and ads. Chatcast is marketing for the mobile era.

Reach people where they are

Messaging app usage is up 60% YoY
Email/social engagement stagnant
No native way to broadcast to fans

Complements email & social

Cross promote social content
Trigger emails on message response
A/B test your messaging

Watch your engagement rates soar

100% message delivery rates
90% Open Rates
30%+ Click Through Rates

Integrates w/popular CRM tools

Run multi-channel campaigns
Enhance marketing automation
Enrich your customer profiles

Rally your audience to action

Drive product and ticket sales
Raise money/drive donations
Mobilize constituents

Works with multiple platforms

Facebook Messenger
Others coming soon!

Messenger Marketing Impact

A new level of audience engagement


Delivery Rates


Open Rates


Click Through Rates

Product Capabilities

Create, target, and send instant messages to your most loyal fans.

  • Build and grow a 100% opt-in list
  • Compose schedule and send rich media messages
  • Target messages to different audience segments
  • Tag and progressively profile subscribers
  • Sync Chatcast with your CRM systems
  • Analyze and optimize campaigns
  • Product Capabilities